Discovery Gateway

72,000 SF

Salt Lake City, UT

Layton contracted with Salt Lake County to turn an existing shell structure into a four-level, 70,000 SF discovery center. This creative playland for both kids and adults became a reality through a vast array of construction activities.

The project required the cutting and installation of a new 14 x 16 foot shaft for the freight elevator as well as two new hydraulic passenger elevators. An additional 150 tons of steel was added within the structure, the majority of which was suspended. The large atrium areas were in-filled with concrete, four new stairways were created, and mechanical and electrical systems were installed.

Exhibit, retail and office space were also created. Also included was the entire enterprise village which gives school-age kids an opportunity to learn first hand about working in a business and managing their own personal finances.

Discovery Gateway in Salt Lake City features many fun activites for children, such as Block Party.

Discovery Gateway is a four-level, 70,000 SF discovery center.
Discovery Gateway is a creative and scientific playland.