The Layton Personal Safety Zone (LaPSZ)

It is the duty of all workers to watch for people, equipment, traffic or other potential hazards that may be within their 30-foot personal safety zone

Layton Construction encourages open communication between all project personnel to achieve an injury-free environment. Layton emphasizes the personal area of safety responsibility within a visible 30-foot area of each worker.

Layton Construction Personal Safety Zone

All workers on Layton Construction jobsites are responsible for maintaining the 30-foot Layton Personal Safety Zone (LaPSZ) surrounding them.

The 30-foot LaPSZ (Layton Personal Safety Zone) is the visible, 30-foot area surrounding an individual. It is the obligation and duty of that individual to watch for people, equipment, traffic or other potential hazards that may be within their 30-foot LaPSZ, and encourage safe work practices from all workers in the 30-foot area. The 30-foot LaPSZ is founded on the teamwork concept of “having each other’s back” and helping all workers become successful each day. “Being our brother’s keeper” is a lost concept that is paramount in the success of the 30-foot LaPSZ.

All employees—including co-workers, subcontractor employees, vendors, owners, etc.—are responsible to watch for and stop unsafe actions or situations within their 30-foot zone of responsibility, as well as watch for and proactively verbalize safe actions and situations. If a hazard is noted in their 30-foot LaPSZ, the worker should take immediate corrective action, which might also include a report of the concern and actions taken to correct the situation to their supervisor. Although an individual may not be able to see what activities are underway above or below deck floors in their 30-foot LaPSZ, questions must be asked to learn of any changing conditions that may occur affecting the immediate work environment.


Layton Construction has invested a great deal of time and resources to encourage employee safety — both at work and at home. We have made great progress in many areas, but have not yet made the breakthrough where each and every person on our projects makes it their personal responsibility to maintain a safe work area for all individuals in their immediate work area. Now is the time to take that personal responsibility to be safe and to be held accountable for our?actions?or?inactions.
Accountability for all workers on LCC projects includes the following safety expectations and consequences:

  • Workers are empowered and expected to correct safety violations in their 30’ work environment.
  • If an incident occurs within a worker’s 30-foot area of responsibility the worker will be asked to participate in the incident review.
  • There are no exceptions; employees at all levels are expected to participate in the 30 foot LaPSZ.
  • Workers who do not follow the Layton Construction safety policies, procedures and best practices will be disciplined, up to removal from the project.

Every individual is entitled to work in a safe environment. Each employer and employee is asked to adopt the 30-foot Layton Personal Safety Zone (LaPSZ) and do everything in their power to protect themselves and others.

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